Basic Origami Birdbase

This is a very common base form for Origami and you can fold many models based on it.

Start with a Preliminary Base, the open end pointing to yourself.

1. Petal fold the top layer upwards.

2. Repeat step 1 on the other side.

3. The finished birdbase.

Starting from the birdbase you can create some great creation. And the most common is The Traditional Crane / Origami Bird.

Introduction To Basics Origami Preliminary Base

Here you are gonna learn how to fold the Preliminary Base. Many models use this base as a starting point.

1. Start with a square sheet of paper and valley fold it in halfes.

2. Precrease and squash fold. Turn model over side to side.

3. Precrease and squash fold.

4. The finished Preliminary Base

Introduction To Basics Folds Origami

On this page I will show you the basic technics for Origami. Don't worry if you don't manage or understand how to do one of the following folds at once. After having folded some models you will know them all by heart. It's all a question of practice.

Valley Fold

The valley fold is formed by folding the paper toward oneself. An arrow shows where to fold the piece of paper to.
Symbol: dashed line

Mountain Fold

The mountain fold is formed by folding the paper away from oneself.
Symbol: alternating dashed and dotted line

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